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With the new year, this time around, if you say I got an 'A', it can means A, A+, or A- ... But who cares, an A is an A... But, the reality is, * 'Are Malaysian students getting smarter?' or * 'Is it the system (education grading system) that out smart them?'

1- Creative and innovative teaching and learning --> Produce creative and innovative thinking students (as opposed to students that memorized notes to pass their exams).
2- Problem solving techniques --> Produce students with the necessary skills to effectively solve problems and provide solutions (as opposed to students who produce 'script answers' to exam questions).
3- Effective 'social skills' --> Produce self-confidence students, and being able to effectively socialized in a positive way, as opposed to students that keep to themselves, shy, lack confidence, self-interests or selfish, and do not know how to interact with friends and peers.
4- Leadership skills --> Produce students with the quality of 'how to lead' and also be a 'good supporters and followers.' This is learnt directy and indirectly from co-curriculum activities and clubs (but with the recent budget cuts on clubs and other positive social activities, how far these students can learn positive leadership skills ?).

Hence, the government and school authorities need to take ALL this into considerations, and not just the final exam paper results (in PMR, SPM, STPM, college exams, etc.)!... (If they are sincerely serious in developing the youths, and constantly emphasized that the youths are the backbone of the country).

SPM results: 9,239 straight As
Submitted by shaza on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Local : SMK Assunta : SPM results

Performance improves after 10-subject limit implemented last year
Ee Ann Nee
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 13:04:00

JUBILATION: SMK Assunta students celebrate after getting their SPM results this morning — Pic: Shahir Omar

PUTRAJAYA: A total of 9,239 candidates obtained distinction (A+, A, A-) in all subjects in the 2010 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, compared to 7,987 candidates in 2009. Education ministry director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, who announced the results here this morning, said it was the best SPM result in four years, just like last year’s UPSR and PMR examinations. He said students’ performance in the examination was encouraging and showed improvement in terms of quality and quantity.

“The move to limit each SPM candidate to a maximum of 10 subjects, which was implemented last year, gave students the opportunity to focus on their studies and work on their chosen subjects in a more intensive and comprehensive way.” A total of 363 candidates from government schools scored straight A+ or Super Distinction in the examination, compared to 214 candidates in 2009.

Overall, the Average National Grade (GPN) rose to 5.19 from 5.34 in 2009. Abdul Ghafar said the gap between urban and rural students inched closer this time around with the GPN reduced by 0.18 from 2009. “Candidates from rural areas fared better than candidates in urban areas in Bahasa Melayu and Science. "However, efforts need to be stepped up to close the gap between candidates in rural and urban areas especially in English, History, Mathematics, Islamic Education and Moral Studies.”

A total of 368,559 candidates or 91.2 per cent obtained their SPM certificates this year compared to 364,046 in 2009. This year, candidates were also able obtain their results through SMS, which would be provided until midnight on March 30.

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SPM terbaik dalam 4 tahun

Abd. Ghaffar Mahmud menunjukkan keputusan peperiksaan SPM pada sidang media di Putrajaya, semalam.

PUTRAJAYA 23 Mac - Keputusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2010 adalah yang terbaik dalam empat tahun ini dengan seramai 9,239 orang atau 2.28 peratus calon sekolah Kementerian Pelajaran memperoleh gred cemerlang ( A+,A dan A-) dalam semua mata pelajaran yang diduduki.

Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Datuk Abd. Ghafar Mahmud berkata, daripada jumlah tersebut, seramai 363 calon berjaya mendapat gred cemerlang tertinggi iaitu A+ dalam semua mata pelajaran. ''Sebanyak 368,559 orang atau 91.2 peratus calon berjaya mendapat sijil berbanding 90.8 peratus calon pada tahun lalu.

''Sebanyak 81 daripada 103 mata pelajaran telah menunjukkan peningkatan prestasi yang menggalakkan berdasarkan Gred Purata Mata Pelajaran (GPMP)," katanya ketika mengumumkan analisis keputusan SPM 2010 di sini hari ini.

Mengenai pelajar terbaik, beliau berkata, seramai empat calon berjaya mendapat A+ dalam kesemua 12 mata pelajaran yang diambil dan 47 lagi mendapat A+ dalam semua 11 mata pelajaran. ''Terdapat 207 calon yang mendapat A+ dalam semua 10 mata pelajaran dan 105 calon mendapat A+ dalam semua sembilan mata pelajaran," katanya, Abd Ghafar berkata, sebahagian besar sekolah di Malaysia dikategorikan dalam pencapaian sekolah cemerlang, baik dan memuaskan.

''Hanya sebilangan kecil iaitu 66 buah sekolah atau 3.1 peratus sahaja yang memperoleh pencapaian berpotensi," katanya. Menurutnya, seramai tujuh calon berkeperluan khas termasuk yang rabun, buta dan pekak berjaya mendapat keputusan cemerlang bagi semua mata pelajaran. ''Seorang calon rabun telah berjaya mendapat lapan A+ dan tiga A dalam 11 mata pelajaran yang diduduki dan seorang lagi calon buta mendapat enam A+, tiga A dan satu A-," katanya. Tambahnya, pelajar paling cemerlang dalam SPM 2010 akan diraikan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dalam satu majlis yang akan diadakan di Lembaga Peperiksaan di Kuala Lumpur pada 1 April ini.